QuickBooks and Salesforce have become staples for small and medium businesses around the world, and are considered the cornerstone of business-critical operations.

Wouldn’t it be great if SMB’s could easily integrate QuickBooks and Salesforce?

There are several benefits to integrating Quickbooks and Salesforce. Read on to learn more.

Easy Quickbooks and Salesforce Integration

SMB’s often face many challenges due to limited resources and budgets, therefore require a robust, flexible solution that streamlines the critical operations of the business. For example, integrating their finance software (QuickBooks) with their Salesforce CRM.

Breadwinner’s two-way solution is flexible in that it connects Salesforce to QuickBooks, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Enterprise applications. It’s easy to set up and install and businesses can take advantage of a free trial to test it out.

Sync QuickBooks and Salesforce Online

There are a plethora of integrations out there; however, what makes a vendor stand out is an intuitive software that allows users to create QuickBooks invoices from within Salesforce. Breadwinner is a perfect example of this, as it helps businesses save time and reduces mistakes because it pre-populates QuickBooks invoices based on Salesforce records.

Share Important Information

By combining accounting software with a CRM, businesses have the power to share financial data with their stakeholders. This QuickBooks and Salesforce integration makes transparency easy, which can improve a company’s understanding of how the business is running.

Also, integrating QuickBooks and Salesforce with Breadwinner means that businesses can bridge the gap between sales and accounting. For example, a sales team gets access to customer information, including pricing and submitting orders. Sales and support teams can view invoices in Salesforce.

It enables tracking, understanding customer details, sales orders, costs, and invoicing a breeze. Anyone on the team can quickly see if invoices have been paid, if payment is due, or if it is overdue.

View and Update QuickBook Companies

It’s important to maintain accurate information in systems. Therefore, having an integration that allows a company to connect with a Salesforce account using an address sync feature, to find and fix address discrepancies between QuickBooks and Salesforce is crucial.

Companies can also enable their teams to edit client billing and shipping details. Another great feature is the ability to display QuickBooks customers and vendor contact details.

Streamline Invoice Payments

Any bookkeeper would appreciate the conveniences of an efficient, simple QuickBooks and Salesforce integration, as it allows them to work directly in QuickBooks to create and email customers.

Breadwinner designed an invoice workflow that makes it easy for customers to make payments. Within one click, Customers can be directed straight to submitting payment.

Sales and support teams can also increase visibility into customer invoices via Salesforce. Also enabling them to view this information as a means to reduce payment collection times and overdue invoices.

Know the Salesforce Partnership That A Business Needs

Salesforce is such a powerful tool that is used by businesses globally. With all of the ins and outs of this customer relationship management tool, it’s critical that SMBs partner with the right companies to ensure that they are leveraging the best Salesforce features. For example, businesses using LinkedIn can benefit from a partnership with Salesbolt, which offers a LinkedIn and Salesforce integration product.

Businesses need more than just great integration between QuickBooks and Salesforce. That’s why Breadwinner recommends connecting with service companies that can help to get the most out of software.

Top-notch Salesforce consultancies, like Cloud Trailz, have the resources to provide global service to their clients. A couple of other recommended Salesforce consultants include:

Destined: A fantastic consultant for SMBs looking for a Salesforce partner with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore, Karachi, or Thailand.

Ingnyto: With gold-level Salesforce partners based in Dublin, Manchester, and London, Ignyto supports SMBs with Salesforce integration and implementation.

For these reasons and more, choose Breadwinner to integrate Salesforce with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, or QuickBooks Enterprise.

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