SEO Westport Connecticut

Martin Maybruck’s Story

I am the father of an 9 year old girl and Husband to Holly Maybruck. We live in a 110 year old farm house (used to be a grain store) in Westport, Connecticut . It’s in Fairfield County, CT or southeastern Connecticut.


606 Post Road East
Suite 511
Westport CT 06880
United States

I have always been self-employed and I have a major entrepreneurial passion I was an Architect in a prior life and I owned my own Construction Management business in New York City. 


Story About My First Website

I made my first company website  back in 1997 – (You can see some of my old projects there – we won several AIA awards too). I had to learn Search Engine Optimisation after I realised that no one was coming to our company website. Well the Search Engine Optimisation I did worked! I haven’t touched the site in years (it’s not a web site design I would do now) but it is still on the first page of Google’s results out of 18,800,000 web pages for the keyword “General Contractor New York city’.

Instant Results

It’s the #1 actual New York City contractor website, the sites above it are all government websites or vertical search engines.

Martin’s Latest Local Small Business Success Story

I love (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation & Internet Marketing …it is my passion and has been since 2002 and I love helping people grow their businesses and see real results using the power of online marketing…see the list of online marketing strategies that I use below.

In 2009 I joined Howie Schwartz, an internet marketing “guru” as a coach and project manager. I teach some of Howie’s online lead generation courses.

Search Engine Optimisation & Internet Marketer 

I am currently helping a small local apparel retailer who is seriously struggling to stay in business during  this recession. Walk in sales have slowed to almost nothing. But they are surviving now due to the improvements I made to their website:

>> to make them stand out from their competitors
>> helped improve sales conversions
>> implemented several online marketing strategies to improve visibility and increase targeted traffic to get more real buyers not window browsers
>> and I set them up with an email marketing strategy that makes them almost half a  month’s worth of revenue each time they send out an email.

Martin’s Mission

They are now dominating their competition and their website is keeping them in business and surviving this recession. And this didn’t cost much at all …we just used smart marketing strtegies that are proven to work, tested results and kept improving on them.
Implement > Test > Improve > Implement > Test > Improve…keep repeating

Some stratigies

– Ezine / Newsletter Marketing
– Videos Marketing and Video SEO
– Marketing
– Podcasting
– eBooks & eReports
– Press Releases
– Article Marketing
– Teleseminars
– Webinars
– eCommerce
– Forums
– Lots of other secret ways


Help save our local small businesses and local communities!

My mission now (due to this recession)  is to help local small businesses stand out from their competition, get more customers and improve their profits.

I do this through:

– Internet Marketing
– Search Engine Marketing – SEM
– Search Engine Optimisation – SEO
– Pay Per Click – PPC
– Conversion Optimisation – If your website doesn’t convert then the rest is useless
– Blogging & Blog Marketing
– Affiliate Marketing
– Local Search Marketing
– Social Media Marketing
– Facebook Marketing
– Integration Marketing / Complimentary Marketing
– Email Marketing

Have you ever seen a business dominate an entire market like this?

Can you imagine how much your business would grow and how many more customers
your business would get if you had NO COMPETITORS?

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