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Local Online Marketing Tips

83% of U.S. households now use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally for products and services… the Internet will soon surpass newspapers as a local shopping information resource.


A local offline business had very limited online visibility in their local market when consumers did searches for their services. This caused their local competitors to take away market share and become dominant in their market.


The same local offline business was not listed in Google’s local business center & Google Maps. Many local consumers do searches for local business phone numbers, hours of operation and directions so they do map searches.


The same local offline business had poor online visibility & branding when consumers did searches for the business’s name. Many consumers do searches on the search engines for specific company names in order to get phone numbers, hours of operation and directions.


Within 3 months I helped this local offline client of mine greatly increase their company’s visibility online which led to huge gains in visitors to their new locally optimized website & local Google business listing.

Website StatS

Increase in visitors: May to Aug = 150% increase. Overall increase in search traffic: May to Aug = 300% increase. Increase in visitors finding website by searching.

Web Statistics

For the company by it’s name: May to Aug = 250% increase. Increase in visitors to website by searches for this company’s services: May to Aug = 190% increase.

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